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Artist up for Game Work

2012-07-26 08:52:07 by UNIQA

Hey NG

I've been so busy with school work for the past many months, that i have not done any game work with any of my pals.
They're all extremely busy so i was just wonderin, if any Flash Programmer out there wants to get an artist to make a game, just send me a pm!


Hey guys

2011-09-25 08:58:41 by UNIQA

I've been real busy for the last week or so making a game with my programmer friend, Marin.
The project we're working on is going well, i cant think of a release date as of now but it wont be too long away, possible 3-4 weeks hopefully.

Im also doing a small weekend game next week with Marin aswell, so if you have ANY ideas you want to contribute, like genre, or just mix random words together will do too, (PM me the ideas and stuff :) )

Uniqa Out


2011-09-17 07:50:38 by UNIQA

None of the previous projects in my last post are going through.
Robot day is over
The other game isnt going to work fullstop
and i havent had time for the collaboration with the other chaps
but now im willing to work with a talented programmer!

Have a good week guys
Uniqa out!

Update on Life

2011-07-17 07:13:16 by UNIQA

Robot Day Game
I have clearly decided to postpone the Robot Day game and probably upload it when i get the mojo back.
Thanks to all people who responded to both the Thread and messages!

Next Upcoming Project!
My next upcoming and hopefully awesome project is going to be a Madness Day Game that involves some of the popular 'cat' viral youtube videos (eg. Nyan, Keyboard).
Im doing it with MadVTaco, Im doing the Art and he's doing the Programming!
Hopefully in around a couple of weeks i'll have a little preview for you guys to check out!

PS: If you make Dubstep/Techno music, pm me if you want to be involved in the Project!

Other Projects
Im also doing a animation with SketchyEntertainment, Jomillex and a bunch of other cool chaps!

I also should be doing some artwork for a Visual Novel, but i'll get back to you guys later.

Cheers guys!

Wanted: Talented Programmer

2011-07-04 03:36:29 by UNIQA

I need a talented Programmer really fast!
If you want to help contact me and we'll talk.
Here is something in the game 9ee6d43ab357f6647dcb90598ffe12
Cheers and peace out

Finally some art

2010-09-30 07:34:45 by UNIQA

I finally made some bloody artwork, took my time